How to watch NBA 2020 finals on ESPN without a cable TV connection?

After the complete series of eight play-in games along with the three rounds of playoffs, the Miami and Los Angeles heat will come to the 2020 NBA Finals. Due to current situations, there is a restriction on the audience to enter the stadium and to watch the match live. So, there is a solution for people to watch NBA 2020 final on your device by sitting at your home. The solution is the ESPN streaming application. You need to register your device with ESPN at and then you can watch NBA Finals on your device. These devices include smart TVs, Android devices, iOS devices, streaming devices like Roku, gaming consoles like Xbox, etc. 

Requirements for ESPN activation

The following are the things you need to activate ESPN on your device so that you can watch the NBA finals on it:

1. Create an account on the ESPN website

2. Purchase a subscription for ESPN plan

3. An ESPN streaming app compatible device

4. A stable Internet connection

5. A computer or mobile to visit the activation page

6. ESPN activation code of your device

Once you arrange all these things you are all set to activate ESPN on your device. For this follow the process mentioned in the next section.

Step by step instructions to activate ESPN on your device

Proceed with the activation process mentioned below in the same order to watch NBC matches on your device:

1. First of all visit the app store of the device and look for the ESPN or ESPN+ streaming app on your device.

2. From the result select the ESPN app and here you will find the “Download” button.

3. Click on the download button and wait till the installation process completes.

4. After the completion of the activation process you need to locate and launch the ESPN app.

5. Here you will land on the home screen of ESPN and you need to click on the “Sign In” button.

6. If “Sign In” does not appear then find and click on the “Settings” button and then click on the Sign In.

7. Next you need to log in with the help of the ESPN account credentials.

8. Further you will see an activation code on the screen that you need to keep safe throughout the process.

9. Now, you need to visit on a computer or mobile using a web browser.

10. This will take you to the activation page of ESPN and here you will see a blank space or box is available to enter the code.

11. Here you need to enter the activation code of your device that you have saved in the previous steps.

12. Click on the Next button and you will be redirected to the Login Page

13. Login with the same credentials that you have used on your device

14. Now you will see a success message on the screen.

15. After that go to your device and refresh the screen.

Now you can watch live streaming of the NBA 2020 Finals in December and also watch the previous matches of the series if you missed them. | Espn Com Activate | Activate Easy

espn activate

espn activate

This is how you should install ESPN and activate the same on your Roku player

ESPN, a major sports event broadcaster can now be streamed on Roku. Anyone who has issues in activating the channel on their Roku player can find detailed instructions and troubleshooting steps here on our website. The instructions are clear enough to do the process.

Check if you are eligible for ESPN

Live sports events and other sports shows of the ESPN network are accessible to Pay TV subscribers. To check if a Pay-TV provider provides access to its subscribers, users should first install ESPN on their Roku device and try linking the same.

Users who forego a Pay TV subscription payment or cancel it can watch news, features, analysis, clips, and highlights. However, those who have a subscription to Pay Television provider that is not listed won’t be able to live stream ESPN programs or activate the channel. Also, ESPN can’t be subscribed as a standalone channel, as the channel does not allow it. Hence, users won’t be able to qualify for ESPN+ service. Moreover, users can’t activate ESPN live events if they have subscribed to a lower-tier television subscription.

Install & activate the ESPN network services on Roku players

Users who have not added ESPN to their Roku streaming device can do it on their computer, mobile devices, or Roku players.

 How to do the ESPN activate on your Roku streaming player?

If you browse through the sports section on the Roku Home Screen, you will be able to find ESPN. To make it faster, you can simply search for the channel with the Roku search option. Once you get the search results, you should simply highlight the name and channel and add it followed by hitting the OK option. You can now find ESPN on the Roku’s channel list.

Installing ESPN on an Internet browser

The process can also be done by visiting the official Roku website. Browse through the website and add the channel by following the on-screen instructions or guide on the website.

Want to activate ESPN and/or ESPN+? Read below

Once you have added ESPN, you will be able to surf through all the content of ESPN. However, you can’t watch any of the channel’s live shows without activating your ESPN subscription.

Below is the guide to do Espn com activate installation on your Roku player:

  • On the Roku device go to ESPN
  • Once you see the Home Screen, go to Settings
  • If you have a Pay TV subscription, select the name of the service provider and activate live Television. Note down the activation code that you see on the screen. Since this code will be valid for a stipulated time, you need to act fast. Or else, you will have to start from the beginning
  • Visit using your phone or personal computer
  • After you key in the unique code, click the Continue option
  • On the next screen, you should choose you streaming TV, cable, or satellite service provider
  • You should then sign in using your television service provider login information. In case, you are not aware of the login info, then get in touch with the service provider
  • If you are an ESPN+ subscriber, then log in to the account with valid details
  • Visit either on your mobile device or a computer
  • You should then enter your ESPN activation code and continue
  • ESPN should now get activated in sometime. If you own many Roku devices, you should all your devices one by one. You should also activate your ESPN subscription on your devices.

If you need more information on ESPN activation on Roku players, browse through our website.