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How to activate Fox Now on any device using

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Fox now allows the users to watch their favorite on demand shows and movies through compatible devices. With this you can watch all Fox Now blockbuster movies, prime time, animation, and more without any cable TV connection. All you need to do is to find a compatible device and then enter the activation code of that particular device at activate This is the platform to register the device to watch your favorite shows and movies. In this post, we will discover the complete process for registering fox news on your device.

Steps to activate Fox Now on your device

If your device is compatible with to stream fox now app then proceed with the steps mentioned below to activate Fox Now on your device.

Step 1: Download the Fox Now streaming application by navigating to the Application store of the respective device. You can also visit to install the app.

Step 2: Now launch the app and login with your Fox Now account. For this click on the “Sign in” button or “activate Now” button available on the screen.

Step 3: After that, an activation code will appear on the screen. Save this code for the future.

Step 4: Go to using the web browser of your computer or mobile.

Step 5: Enter the activation code in the blank box that appeared on the screen.

Step 6: Click on the continue button and then you will reach the Login page.

Step 7: Log in to your account and a success message will prompt on the screen for the confirmation of successful activation.

Step 8: Go to your device and refresh the screen. Now you will be able to stream your favorite shows available on Fox Now.

How to sign up at Fox Now?

As you see in the above process you need a Fox now account to stream your favorite content. If you don’t have an account then proceed with the following steps to create one.

1. Go to on your computer’s web browser

2. Click on the “Sign In” button available on the menu bar. You can select the TV Provider sign-in if you have a TV provider subscription.

3. In the next screen click on the “Sign Up” button and a signup form will prompt on the screen

4. Complete the form and click on the “Submit” button.

5. Complete the rest of the instructions and then you can use the same account for the activation process.