How to activate TBS on Streaming Device?


With the millions of movies and shows in more than 20 genres around the world TBS in entertaining people. TBS is a paid streaming platform for the users and is available for multiple platforms. The users don’t need to create an account on TBS and no need to purchase a subscription as well. You need to enter the TBS application’s activation code at tbs.com/activate.

What are the subscription plans for streaming TBS on your device?

TBS has two packages for the customers to choose from while purchasing subscription. The following are the details on the same:

  • For the Orange package the users need to pay $30/month as subscription fee.
  • For the Blue package the users need to pay $30/month as subscription amount.

The users can cancel the subscription anytime as per their need.

What are the compatible devices for TBS?

The following is the list of eligible devices for accessing TBS:

  • All android devices
  • All iOS devices
  • Smart TV
  • Apple TV
  • Streaming media players like Roku
  • Gaming consoles like Xbox One
  • Xfinity devices
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • And more.

If you have any of the eligible devices then you can proceed with the activation process.

What are the steps to activate TBS on your device?

  • Go to the App Store of the device and look for the TBS application here.
  • Further, click on the “Download” or “install” button to start the downloading process.
  • After downloading locate the application and launch it.
  • In the next screen, you will see the activation code. Save the code for later use.
  • Now get another device enabled with the internet and go to tbs.com/activate using a web browser.
  • Enter the username and password to login to your TBS account.
  • Enter the activation code you have saved earlier and click on the “Continue” button.

Go back to your device and click on the refresh button to complete the pairing. Enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies. In case of errors and problems contact TBS.