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trakt tv activate

trakt tv activate

​Activate Trakt TV by going to​ ​trakt.TV/activate

There are loads of movies, music, sports live shows and other videos for us to enjoy. But, it is not easy for us to track the timings of such shows and movies. Thanks to Trakt TV that it helps us track these timings. To use Trakt TV on Alexa, VLC, or any other media players, we should first create a Trakt user account by going to As soon as we activate the service we will be able to stay updated to movies and shows timings. Let us go ahead and look at the Trakt TV activation steps.

  • We should go to
  • We need to key in our email address, desired username, and a password for the account
  • We then have to hit the ‘Join Trakt’ option
  • After this, we should open our Trakt ​User ​Account on the preferred media player
  • Here is where we will find an activation code
  • Now we have to use our phone or personal computer to complete the Trakt TV activate procedure
  • The next step is entering the activation code after which the ‘Continue’ option has to be clicked
  • Allow access if we are prompted for
  • Finally, we can see that the Trakt account is linked with the media player

Once we are done with the Trakt TV activate process, we are all set to track the shows and movies we would like to watch.

Some of the features

  • There are plenty of useful features when it comes to Trakt TV. These features may vary depending on the device we are going to connect Trakt TV to.
  • We will be able to manage all types of content like dramas, shows, movies, and many more genres
  • We can have the device connected to any online streaming applications on the Internet
  • Another important feature of Trakt TV is the ease of use. With this device in place, we will never miss anything
  • With Trakt TV we will find it easy to get it connected to entertainment platforms like Plex, Streamio, Netflix, Cinema Apk, CyberFlix, Kodi, and many more of the kind
  • Moreover, syncing Trakt TV with any streaming service  is as easy as a pie

If you need more about Trakt TV activate process, you can explore our website. We have given precise about activating the device by going to Also, we can help you with any kind of technical support in terms of Trakt TV.