How you can activate Sony Crackle on a streaming device?

As a result hard times and budgetary issues, people are not willing to pay for TV content. So they wonder as to how to watch their favorite television shows when they are free. Fortunately, they can use smart applications like Crackle to get free TV content.

Sony’s Crackle, an entertainment application offers TV series and movies of different genres at no cost. People should just activate this app on their streaming devices such as Apple TV, Roku and many more.

Activating the streaming device by visiting is crucial as it will make the login process easier. Once the device is activated people don’t have to use their Sony Crackle login info to view their favorite content on their devices. It will also let them control as well as personalize their watch list as per their wish.

Activating Crackle by going to gives you a seamless viewing experience of your desired TV content on your device. Let’s get right to the setup and activation process of Sony Crackle.

How to activate Sony Crackle on smart televisions?

  1. Creating a Crackle account

Creating an account on Sony Crackle is the first thing to do. Only then people will get the activation code. Sign up for a Crackle account by visiting on a computer or a mobile device:

  • Go to
  • Click the option ‘Register’
  • Enter the required info correctly
  • Key in the desired username and login password
  • Now login using the username and password you created
  1. Installing the Crackle application on smart TV

On the app store of your smart TV, search for the Crackle app. Once you find it, Install the app. Remember, only the Sony Crackle application will help you get the activation code.

  1. Activating Sony Cracks on streaming devices

Once you have created a Crackle account and install the application on your device, you should register the device by doing the following:

  • To receive the activation code, you need to open the Sony Crackle application. A pop up asking you to either activate the device or skip the process will appear. Click the option ‘Activate Your Device’ to get your activation code.
  • If you don’t receive the code even after doing the first step, then you should find the ‘My Sony Crackle’ option in the Menu Bar to get your activation code.
  • With your Crackle activation code, go to You should key in the code when prompted.

Once you do what is said above, you will be able to view the Crackle content on your device. Crackle activation on the Roku player is different from doing it on your TV. Let’s see how it’s done.

How to activate Crackle on your Roku player?

Just like apps on smartphones, Roku is a streaming device used for viewing favorite video content through the World Wide Web.

Steps to activate Sony Crackle on Roku player:

  • Hit the home button on Roku remote
  • Locate the Crackle application and open the same to get activation code displayed on the TV screen
  • Go to on a personal computer or mobile phone
  • Key in the Crackle activation code and continue as you are prompted

Now you can stream the Crackle content on your Roku device.