How to Log Out of Netflix on Tv

Whether you’re sharing a TV with others, using a device at a hotel, or simply want to switch accounts, logging out of Netflix on your TV is a simple process. Here’s a breakdown of the most common ways to do it, along with troubleshooting tips:

Method 1: Finding the Sign Out Option

  1. Open Netflix: Launch the Netflix app on your TV.
  2. Navigate Left: Use your remote’s left arrow to open the main menu.
  3. “Get Help” or “Settings”: Scroll down until you find either “Get Help” or “Settings.” Select this option.
  4. Sign Out: Look for the “Sign Out” option and confirm your choice.

Method 2: The Hidden Code

If you can’t find the standard “Sign Out” option, try this “secret” code:

  1. Remote Sequence: On your remote, press the following sequence: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.
  2. Options: You should see a menu with options like “Sign Out,” “Deactivate,” or “Reset.” Choose the appropriate one.

Method 3: Sign Out Remotely

Can’t access the TV anymore? Netflix lets you log out of devices through their website:

  1. Visit Go to in a web browser and log into your account.
  2. Account Settings: Hover over your profile picture (top right) and select “Account.”
  3. Manage Access and Devices: Under “Security & Privacy,” find “Manage access and devices.”
  4. Sign Out: Locate the TV in the list of devices and click “Sign Out.”


  • No Sign Out Option: Some older TVs or streaming sticks may not have a direct “Sign Out” option. Try the code method or remote sign-out.
  • App Issues: If the Netflix app is freezing or not responding, try restarting your TV or reinstalling the Netflix app.

Staying Secure

Logging out of Netflix on shared devices is a good security habit. It prevents others from accessing your account and protects your viewing history.

I hope these steps helped you successfully log out of Netflix on your TV!


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