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What is Sling TV and How it works?

In this channel, we’re going to be discussing exactly what is Sling TV and how it works, and most importantly how it’s different from traditional cable and satellite TV providers, this is a question that we get a lot from people that are coming over from traditional cable or satellite TV, and they’re just wanting to learn exactly what this whole new Internet TV streaming service thing is and how they can utilize it to maybe save some money, or save some headache and dealing with those cable and satellite TV company so the big sell on this the fact that you don’t have to call you know Comcast or DirecTV or any of these places and do customer service in order things and have them change your bill and all that stuff. It’s just one price. There’s no trial offer you can cancel at any time no strings attached. And you don’t have to have people coming over and installing things at your house like a satellite. You know dish or cables running throughout your entire house or things like that and another positive is you’re hit with the constant in fees, such as you know HDTV fees renting out equipment from the cable or satellite TV providers, all these other fees you get on top of your just TV packages with these other services. People are just fed up with it, they don’t like dealing with cable and satellite TV providers and this provides another option for those and the fact that it’s cheaper. And you can cancel at any time and there are no introductory rates, and you can be a little bit more, pick and choose what channels you want so there’s a lot of positives going in the favor of these particular television providers so Sling TV, you’re going to be getting access to a lot of your favorite. You know TV channels that you get with traditional satellite cable TV without all the hassles that I’ve been talking about but here’s just a snippet of some of the channels that they have through Sling TV scrolling on down here.

You can see there they have OLED TV at like 100 or 70 bucks but Sling TV, you can get typically for about $35 or even less than that if you just go with the base package which is $20 with their orange subscription, their blue package the base price is 25 bucks. But the most important thing to note is to utilize Sling TV you’re gonna have to have access to the internet and a device that you’re going to be able to watch your Sling TV subscription through utilizing that Sling TV application. So, we are going over here. We’ll go through the channels, a little bit more in-depth but here are the devices and I will list all of the links that We are using. In this article, we’ll throw those down in the video description so you can access these as well. But some of the devices that you’re going to need are something like an Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, a Roku player a Chromecast to hook into your television to watch Sling TV through these are going to be devices that you purchase, you’re not going to be renting them from the cable or satellite TV provider so that’s another difference. We like the fact that we can purchase our equipment, own it and not have to pay those rental fees, you end up saving a ton of money over the long run, so it’s certainly worth it. And you can find some of these devices as low as, you know, maybe 20 to $30 range but if you want ones that are more powerful and have more features they can get as high as over $100 so it’s just going to be a case by case situation what exactly you need and then you’re going to hook those into your TV to watch your Sling TV subscription through but you can also watch Sling TV through your phones and tablets you have an Apple or Android device.

If you have an Xbox One, you can watch it through that through your TV and then also your laptop and computer. If you have an apple or a Windows computer you’re going to be able to watch your Sling TV through those laptops or computers as well. So those are all the different devices, you’re going to be able to access your TV content through. And going back there, you can see, this is sling blue all of the base channels that you get with that, and we go through a little bit more in-depth all the channels you get in another Sling TV video. So if you’re interested in exactly, all of the different channel options and all the different add on options you can go check out that video as well. And then you also have sling orange here, which has a little bit fewer channels but it’s also $5 less a month. You only get one stream that you can watch at a time with sling orange, but you can get three streams at the same time with sling blue. And you can also package these two subscriptions packages together, and it’s going to be 40 bucks a month and it’s going to get you access to four streams at the same time so like I said it just to kind of go back through here, Sling TV yet that base price of 20 bucks a month is going to get you access to a lot of content you can have all these other add-ons, but most importantly, you’re going to need an internet subscription and a device that you can watch Sling TV through using that Sling TV app and again.

It’s just so much more convenient than your traditional satellite and cable TV providers, you can cancel at any time. They give you a seven-day free trial if you want to just test them out with no strings attached. And if you don’t end up liking the service you can end it and it won’t cost you anything or you can go ahead and use the service and save yourself a lot of money off of your typical cable or satellite TV package price.

How to Install Sling TV on Roku?

It’s time to watch the live TV you love on your Roku. The Sling TV Roku vices, but we’ll also show you how to download it, so you can see your programs.

  1. To get started, press the home button on your Roku remote. On the left side of your screen you men.
  2. Scroll down and select Search.
  3. Type in Sling TV and start the download process.
  4. Click Add channel, and wait a few moments for your download to complete.
  5. Finish the Sling TV channel tile will appear on your Roku home screen.
  6. To move it to the top of your guide, highlight the CB tile, press star and select move channel.
  7. When you’re ready to start watching. Click on the Sling TV title, don’t have an account. Click Watch now seven days for you to create one and start your free Gmail. If you already have an account click Sign In. Then enter your email address and password. Once you’re logged in, just relax, and enjoy the best of live TV on your big screen. And remember, you can stream Sling TV on all your devices, including computers, tablets, or smartphones.

How to Activate Sling TV on Roku via

  • Firstly, find the search bar option on the left side of the Roku home screen
  • Now type in the search bar “Sling TV”
  • Now open the channel Sling TV and Click on Add Channel option
  • After the above steps open you Sling TV
  • Now activation screen will appear just type 7-digit activation code.
  • After all, type on your computer and phone browser like chrome and Mozilla.
  • Now type your 7-digit activation code and click on Continue.
  • Now sign in to your Sling TV account using your Email ID and Password.
  • Finally, you have added Sling TV successfully on Roku Device.