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We need an activation code if we need to connect YouTube with streaming devices such as Xbox Wii, Apple, and others. This activation code for procedure can be acquired only with a Google account. The sign-in process can only be initialized when we have the activation code. If you need to sign in with your Google account with your Google+ or Gmail login credentials. Make sure your account is linked to your YouTube account. As soon as you sync your account you need to grant access to the YouTube application and your device.

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Instructions to follow:

  • Open the YouTube app on the device and go to Settings. Click the option ‘Link Device’ to get the activation code. You can use this code to connect devices with YouTube
  • Go to YouTube on your computer and look for connected devices to see if your device is connected. You will be prompted for the activation code if the action is done properly. Now just click the option ‘Add’ and your device is added
  • Another method to the enter code is logging in to the YouTube account on a computer. You can go to and enter the activation code received on your device. After this, you need to grant permission by clicking ‘Allow’. You now can access YouTube on your device (Make sure you enter all the login information correctly)

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, there is another method as well. This method is flawless while being very easy to do. Go to YouTube on your device and click on Settings. You should then choose the option that says ‘Connect to a mobile device’. Now visit on your mobile phone’s Internet browser. As soon as the activation code is generated enter the same on your television. Click Add and confirm the device connection and start using YouTube on the TV.

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